Save the Date! Auditions announced for JAWS: The Musical!

Apr 10, 2014

Bradford Little Theatre show director and board member Kristin Asinger and musical director Shane Oschman invite all adult comedic actors and singers to audition for “JAWS the Musical.” This musical comedy was written in 2010 by Kyle McCoy and is full of hilarious songs and ridiculous moments. “I’m excited about this production because it is a hysterical concept to take a horror film and produce light-hearted musical numbers around it” states Oschman.

This one act show will be performed at the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford in the Mukaiyama University Room on June 19-21. There will be two performances each night, one at 7pm and another at 9pm.

Auditions will be held next week in the Bradford Little Theatre office at 79 Main St. on Thursday, April 24th and Sunday, April 27th both at 6pm. During auditions, participants will be asked to read lines from the script, sing a song from the musical, learn a short choreographed routine, and participate in acting games.

This musical follows a similar storyline as the 1975 movie JAWS but adds several whimsical songs including “You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat,” “Chrissie’s Last Swim,” “This is What Happens,” and “Summer Dollars.”

Martin Brody is the new Chief of Police on Amity Island. He and his family left New York City for a more relaxed life where “no one ever gets hurt or dies” until there is a report of a missing girl at the beach. Brody and his supporters, including the town deputy, his wife Ellen and shark scientist Matt Hooper all want to close down the beach. They find themselves up against Mayor Vaughn, his “mayorettes” and several islanders who rely on Amity Island’s beach to remain open in order to keep those “summer dollars” rolling in.

Enter Quint, the rugged fisherman who has no fear and takes Brody and Hooper out to sea to kill the shark. The underwater scene with Hooper and the shark is one of Asinger’s favorites. “As Hooper tries to kill the shark from inside the cage, the shark and Hooper break out into a love song called “I Won’t Deny It.” The shark sings “I won’t deny it, I love my food. And since I you’re my food, I must love you.” “It’s not what you expect at that moment, it’s quite creative of Kyle McCoy to write it this way.”

Adults 18 and older are encouraged to audition for JAWS the Musical. Asinger added that she and Oschman are working together for their first time and compliment each other very well. “We both have creative minds and a great sense of humor. With a super cast, it’s going to be a lot of fun to see the end result!”

“Anyone who auditions will find that we are taking this script very seriously” adds Oschman. “I am anticipating a crisp and professional production that will allow for improvisational moments that are so over the top they will both honor and spoof the hit movie. When Kristin pulls off her vision, this will be the show to do and the show to see.”

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