Bradford Little Theatre children’s musical slated this weekend at Togi’s Playhouse

Jul 22, 2016 by

Kate Day Sager, Reporter for The Bradford Era

Hannah Leposa, director, and Kristin Asinger, producer, said the show is part of a three-week childrens’ camp conducted by BLT. Asinger said 15 youngsters between the ages of 6 and 15 are participating in the show. Leposa, a college music major at Messiah College, is directing the production as her summer project for school.

“The majority of kids are 8, 9- and 10-years-old, and we have two 6-year-olds in it,” Asinger noted. “They’re all so adorable.”

All youngsters in the camp are in the show, with several who will sing solos or have acting roles. The children also perform group songs. The musical comedy is based on Delia Ephron’s best-selling book of the same name. The one-hour performance provides “a series of comedy skits and songs and lampoons the adult world through the eyes of children.”

Asinger provided a sample of what the audience will see in the skits.

“One (skit) is how to ride in a car,” she said before describing the scenario as such. “Before you pull out of the driveway, tell your mother you don’t have to go to the bathroom, even if she insists. But as soon as you pull out of the driveway, tell your mother you have to go to the bathroom.”

She said the musical is family-friendly and appropriate for all audiences.

Several children commented on what they enjoy most about the camp and musical.

“This is my first BLT production I’ve done and I definitely want to do more,” said Truman Forbes, 14. “It brings back a lot of memories from my early childhood.”

“I’m really happy, but it takes a lot of work to be in the show,” said Elleina Smith, 7.

Another girl, Samaria Campbell, 9, said she believes “People should come watch it because it is good for the community and we have spent a lot of time on it.”

Rykan Miller, 9, said, “The show is funny, and I want people to come watch.”

For her part, Ellen Collins, 13, said she was “excited about the show, but nervous about the last-minute changes.”

Agnes Collins, 10, added, “I’m looking forward to the show and cast party.”

Luke Caruso, 10, said he believes “the production is going very well … and people will love it.”

Vincenzo Vigliotta, 6, said, “Hannah has been so cool to learn from, and Kristin taught me a lot of fun things, like how to say ‘disgusting’ just right.”

Leah Hayden, 9, remarked, “I am so happy I got a chance to be in it. I’ve made lots of friends and had so much fun doing it.”

For his part, Markie Graffius, 8, said, “It’s hysterical.”

His sister, Maggie, 9, added, “It’s extremely funny.”

Vincenzo Vigliotta, at left, portrays the brother who enjoys “torturing” his sister in the Bradford Little Theatre production of “How to Eat Like a Child and Other Lessons in Not Being a Grown-Up.” The musical will be staged today, Saturday and Sunday at Togi’s Playhouse in Bradford.