Tony n' Tina's Wedding Auditions

Dec 3, 2016

Tony n' Tina's Wedding

Did you love “The Awesome 80s Prom” last year? Bradford Little Theatre is proud to bring their next show, “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding” an interactive improvisational dinner-theatre show, to Togi’s Playhouse.

Auditions for this wacky Italian-American wedding and reception are being held this week at Togi’s Playhouse, 18 Welch Ave. There will be two audition times, Wednesday, Dec. 7th between 6-9pm and Saturday, Dec. 10th 9am-noon. Cast members must be at least high school age, but we will be casting parts for actors of all ages, including seniors. We are looking for 12-16 men and 12-16 women to play the families and friends.

“Rehearsals will begin in early January,” said Kristin Asinger, who is directing the show. “We didn’t want to interfere the holidays.”

There are a wide range of character roles available:

Tony, the charming groom, who enjoys being rowdy. Tina, the tough and headstrong bride, who likes a good party. Barry, the friendly, guitar-playing best man. Connie, the pregnant maid of honor. Dominic, an usher with a kind-heart and a crazy party side. Dominic’s girlfriend Donna, a cute, but trashy bridesmaid who is a good singer. Johnny, Tony’s younger brother and an usher who loves to flirt. Marina and insecure bridesmaid who is always the third wheel. Josephina, Tina’s headstrong mother. Rose, Josephina’s big-city sister. Luigi, Tina’s great uncle an old world gentleman. Joey, Tina’s gay brother, with dreams of Broadway. Sister Albert Maria, Tina’s oddball cousin. Tony Nunzio, Sr. larger than life father-of-the-groom. Madeline Monroe, Tony Sr.’s stripper girlfriend. Grandma Nunzio Tony’s energetic and wacky grandmother. Michael Just, Tina’s ex-boyfriend, who just got out of rehab. Father Mark a very likeable and hip priest. Sal Antonucci the quirky wedding photographer who is bored with his job. Amateur comedian Vinnie Black, the wedding caterer. Vinnie’s wife Loretta Black who is worn down from Vinnie’s work demands. Vinnie and Loretta’s children, Mikey and three siblings, who are the catering staff. Rick DeMarco, Joey’s boyfriend, hired to videotape the wedding. Donny Dulce and Celeste Romano the musical entertainment at the wedding and reception.

“Every character acts throughout the night and is always “on stage,” so there are no small parts in that respect. Every cast member needs to commit to staying in character throughout the show and will use a lot of improvisation throughout the night. Every show will differ in that respect.” Asinger said. “As for lines to be memorized, the amount varies, but no part is too demanding for lines.”

Anyone interested in auditioning should come prepared to dance a little, read lines, and improvise. Lots of drama occurs in this show and the cast interacts with the audience a lot making the show fun and unique.

“I know Bradford has a lot of Italians and people who would like to play an Italian, so please audition for the show!” Asinger said. “This will be a show to remember!”