Bradford Little Theatre to present inaugural comedy improv show at Afterwards Club

Jan 10, 2017 by

Kate Day Sager, Reporter for The Bradford Era

From left, Tiffany Mager, Darren Himes, Frank Denig, Candy Tingley and Marcia McAndrew run through a rehearsal for the upcoming improv show that will be staged by the Bradford Little Theatre on Jan. 18 in the Afterwards Club at Beefeater’s Restaurant in Bradford.

A nice hot beverage, or robust spirits, along with plenty of belly laughs should keep audiences warm on Jan. 18 when Bradford Little Theatre puts on its first-ever comedy improv show at the Afterwards Club in Beefeater’s Restaurant. Kristin Asinger, director of the production, said the show will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Congress Street restaurant and is free to community members of all ages.

“We’ve wanted to do a show there since we used that space last year for BLT’s Awesome 80s Prom,” Asinger said. Audience members will be invited to write down suggestions for the improvisations 30 minutes before the show which will be used in two improv games.

“For anyone who is not familiar with improv, we make up scenes on the spot based on suggestions given from from the audience,” Asinger explained.

“We will play many of our favorite games including Pocket Sentences, 3 Pair Freeze, Blind Interview and Late for School,” she added. “We also plan to invite audience members up to play with us which is always fun because you never know what to expect. That’s also why people enjoy improv shows, every show is an original — no two are alike.”

Asinger said the show will be the area’s first peek at cast members in the theater company’s February production of Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding.

“This Off-Broadway show requires a lot of improv, so it’s a great way to help our cast members get used to improvising,” Asinger added. “We are looking forward to feeding off of the energy of the crowd …”

Tomi Dolan, marketing manager of Hennard Businesses which includes Beefeater’s, said the staff at the restaurant are excited to welcome the theater company’s improv group.

“Beefeater’s has been doing live music downstairs in the Afterwords Club for the past year or so,” Dolan said. “We wanted to bring something a little different to the community and have asked some opinions on what people would like to see.

“Among the comments, a comedy night was one — and what better way than a local improv group,” she remarked. “We really wanted to give people something to look forward to and enjoy during the cold weather besides our normal live music. We hope that some new faces will come down to enjoy what BLT has in store for the show.”

Dolan said she expects the first show to do well, therefore encourages people who have never seen an improv show to stop by and “watch one for free.

“Improv is a fun experience, the show will be something that you won’t know what’s going to happen next and that’s the best part about it,” she stated. “The group may ask for audience participation from those who may have a silly side and want to play along. Whether you’re one to get up and make people laugh or just want to sit back and watch the show, this will be a night you won’t want to miss.”

This article originally appeared in The Bradford Era: