Bradford Little Theatre PRESENTS "Tony N' Tina's Wedding"

Jan 12, 2017

Cast members from Tony N' Tina's Wedding

Anthony Angelo Nunzio, Jr. and Valentina Lynne Vitale, together with Bradford Little Theatre request the honor of your presence at their “marriage” on February 10, 11, 17, and 18 at Togi’s Playhouse,18 Welch Ave. in Bradford at 6:30 p.m. A “reception” will follow at Togi’s Blue Room.

“Bradford Little Theatre is thrilled to be bringing “Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding” to the Bradford area. It is one of the longest running Off-Broadway shows, as it opened in 1985 and ran for 25 years. The New York Times has described this show as ‘the oddest, goofiest, unlikeliest hit in New York.’ I completely agree with that and it is a huge hit,” Kristin Asinger, BLT president and director said.

The show begins as audience members arrive for the pre-ceremony and wedding at Togi’s Playhouse, formerly East End Presbyterian Church. This is an Italian-American wedding and the two families do not get along very well. Tony, played by BLT newcomer Darren Hilmes, and Tina, played by Tiffany Mager are truly in love, but it is difficult for them to keep the drama in control with all of their unpredictable friends and family members. From Tina’s ex-boyfriend Michael Just, played by first-time BLT performer Brian Lewis, showing up uninvited to the wedding, to Father Mark, played by BLT veteran Christopher Lathrop, having a little too much to drink at the reception, this wedding is one to remember.

Act II will require a short walk across the parking lot into the Blue Room at Togi’s Restaurant for the reception. Audience members will eat, drink, dance and interact with the cast during the wedding reception where, of course, more drama unfolds. For the party-girl bride, this wedding is all about the reception and she and the entire wedding party is there to party! The girls in the wedding party consist of three debuting BLT actors: the pregnant maid of honor, Connie, played by Nicole VerHagen, and bridesmaids Donna and Marina, played by Katey Pacific and Jane Yang. Standing up for the groom are best man Barry Wheeler, played by Devon Baumgardner, and groomsmen Dominic Fabrizi and Johnny Nunzio played by Ryan Bailey and BLT newcomer Andy Hilzinger.

The show wouldn’t be the same without Tony and Tina’s feuding families. Members of the bride’s family will be played by Connie Shanks as Josephine Vitale, mother-of-the-bride; Kyle Heffern as Joey Vitale, brother of the bride; David Merwine as Luigi Domenico, great uncle of the bride; Lori Johnson as Rose Domenico, aunt of the bride; and Amanda Dincher as Sister Albert Maria, cousin of the bride. Members of the groom’s family will be played by Frank J. Denig, making his BLT debut as Anthony Angelo Nunzio, Sr., father of the groom; Candy Tingley as Madeline Monroe, Mr. Nunzio’s girlfriend; and Marcia McAndrew will play Grandma Nunzio, grandmother of the groom.

Additional members of the cast include Zach Ruth as photographer Sal Antonucci; Thomas James, wedding videographer; Tim Asinger as caterer and amateur comedian Vinnie Black; Dee Fitch making her BLT debut as Loretta Black, the caterer’s wife; BLT newcomer Chloe Qian, Kelly Fitzgerald and Olivia Fitzgerald as Vinnie and Loretta’s children; Barry Fitzgerald and Brie Lara will play Donny Dulce and Celeste Romano, singers at the wedding and reception. The music for this Italian wedding will consist of a blend of romantic and Italian classics, popular dance hits and a touch of cheese. Ya gotta have cheese!

“Since this is an interactive show, every night will be somewhat different, but just as fun. Audience members can feel free to sit at their table and watch or get up and interact with the cast,” said Asinger.

Working behind the scenes on the production are producer Dani Newman, choreographer Brie Lara, costume designer Brian Lewis, make-up artist Amy Thomas and marketing coordinator Chelsea Place, plus many more people helping with props, set items and hair.

“We have a wonderful cast and crew,” Asinger said, “Everyone is so ready to get this production rolling. Rehearsals just started and the cast is currently working on character development, choreography, the timeline and their improvisation skills.”

Tickets are $30 per person and include the show, dinner, wedding cake and non-alcoholic drinks. There will be a cash bar. Tickets are available through Togi’s Restaurant, Graham Florist and from cast and crew. The production will be staged on February 10, 11, 17, 18. Each show will begin at 6:30pm. Doors will open at 6:00 pm and guests are encouraged to arrive close to this time to take in all of the pre-ceremony activity. For more information contact Asinger at 814-598-8127.

“This show will be a great date night and a fun night out with friends. Only 80 tickets are available per show, so be sure to purchase tickets in advance. ” said Asinger. “‘Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding’ will be the best wedding you ever attended where you did not know the bride or groom, and by the end of the night, you’ll know everyone!”