Register Now! For BLT Kids Summer Theatre Camp!

Apr 18, 2017

We Are Monsters!

Bradford Little Theatre proudly announces open registration for their highly anticipated 2nd annual summer kids theatre camp. The camp is accepting 24 children, going into first grade through age 17. The participants will perform in the final show of the theatre’s 20th season “We Are Monsters.”

The hilarious musical, which was written by Denver Casado and Betina Hershey, follows human kids into a monster cabaret filled with unique monster characters. The humans adventure to uncover vegetarian vampires and rock-star werewolves - soon realizing that these monster share many similar interests and problems as humans do. The monsters and humans soon discover the meaning of friendship and celebrating the things that make each of us different and unique.


This year’s camp will be co-directed by Hannah Leposa, who directed last year’s camp, and Mandi Droney. Leposa is a sophomore music major at Messiah College and Droney is a freshman math co-op engineering major at Clarion University.

“I wanted to pick a show that built upon what was taught at camp last year, but also a show that I could use to teach the fundamentals to new campers,” Leposa said. “The kids do not need any prior experience to participate.”

“Seeing the passion building in the children last year, and seeing them change and learn, and seeing how theatre could become something for them like it was for me through my youth, really made me want to return to direct the camp again,” Leposa added.

“I have always been the performer, so this is a new experience for me,” Droney said. “I am really looking forward to passing my love of theatre on to little kids.”

Registration for the “We Are Monsters” camp is open to the first 24 applicants on a first come, first serve basis. After the initial 24 spots are filled, remaining applicants will be put on a waiting list. All money collected will be returned if your child is wait-listed and a spot does not open up.

All registration forms are due by June 15th, without exception. Forms can be sent to Bradford Little Theatre, ATTN: Monster Camp, P.O. Box 255, Bradford, PA 16701.

A separate registration form is required for each child. A deposit of $20 is due with each registration form. More than one registration form can be mailed in the same envelope and the $20 deposits can be combined into a single check.

By registering you are committing your child to a 2 1/2 week theatre camp beginning on July 6th. Camp will be held Monday thru Friday from 10am to 3pm. All participants are expected to attend the camp every day as well as bring a bagged lunch.

The show will be held on July 21st and 22nd at 7:00pm, your child will need to be there by 5:00, and July 24th at 2:00pm, your child will need to be there at noon.

An “Orientation/Casting Day” will be held on June 25th from 4-6pm which both you and your child need to attend. You will receive a list of all the materials needed for camp at the Orientation meeting. You are also promising to pay the full camp fee of $100 for the first child and $60 for each additional child (less deposit) on Orientation/Casting Day.

Any child not paid in full by June 25th will not be casted and your deposit will be forfeited.

You will be contacted by June 20th to confirm that your child was accepted into the camp or put on the waitlist. If your child registers to participate and cannot end up doing the camp for any reason you will be fully refunded and your child’s spot will be passed along to the next person on the waiting list, as long as that notice is received by June 15th.

“We are also looking for adults to volunteer to help with the camp,” Leposa added. “Volunteers will help watch the campers and help them with their sets and costumes.” Anyone intersted in helping with the show please contact Bradford Little Theatre at or call Chelsea at 814-598-9956.



Studies suggest schoolchildren exposed to drama, music and dance are more proficient in reading, writing and math. Children also learn to take instruction from adults and respect authority.


One of the most obvious benefits of theatre is the development of skills in self-presentation. They develop the ability to converse with adults in a mature manner. Participation in theatre allows them to grow their self-esteem and self-confidence, developing poise and learning to overcome anxieties.

Theatre also about social interaction and cooperation. Your child will no doubt make life-long friends with those who share the same passion as they do.


The theatre allow for deep self-expression from a child’s heart. It can help them make sense of their emotions and develop new ideas to express themselves.


Theatre helps teach children both self-reliance as well as collaboration with others in order to reach a goal. They learn that there are many different pathways to develop a skill. Theatre participation develops reasoning and creative thinking, as well as motivation, concentration and teamwork.


Theatre helps promote interpersonal skills, performing arts especially helps promote and develop certain skills and characteristics such as empathy and compassion for others. The creativity involved in performing arts extends to emotional creativity and can open children to new ways of seeing the world.