Original musical highlights ELF Fund party for seniors

Dec 4, 2017 by

Kate Day Sager, Reporter for The Bradford Era

Actors in the upcoming

When Harrijane Hannon Moore asked Kristin Asinger if she would write and produce a Christmas musical for the Era’s Less Fortunate (ELF) Fund Senior Holiday Party, Asinger readily agreed, thinking it would be fun.

Asinger, who is well-known for writing and directing the annual Kiwanis Kapers shows, will be ready to entertain seniors and the general public with two free showings of her original musical titled, “A Holly Jolly Christmas,” sponsored by Bradford Little Theatre (BLT.)

The first show will be presented at 2 p.m. Dec. 9 in Togi’s Playhouse at 18 Welch Ave. for the general public. She said the staging of the production at the Playhouse, which has limited seating for approximately 110 people, is BLT’s way of giving back to the community as well as the ELF Fund.

The musical will also be staged at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 10 in the Mukaiyama University Room in the Frame Westerberg Commons Building at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The party, which opens its doors at 6 p.m., followed by the 6:30 p.m. show, is free to senior citizens. The event is sponsored through the ELF Fund on behalf of the Senior Holiday Party.

Asinger said she agreed to do the production because she thought it “would be fun to write a short Christmas musical.

“The story is about a little girl named Holly,” who is 8 years old and still doesn’t have her adult teeth, Asinger said of the plot.

“Therefore, when she sees Santa, all she wants for Christmas are her two front teeth,” Asinger said, adding that Holly had asked for teeth during past Christmases, but didn’t have her wish granted.

“She also realizes that past Christmases have presented major problems for her family, as well,” Asinger continued. As a result, Santa’s No. 1 elf, Jolly, and No. 1 reindeer, Rudolph, step up to help Holly.

“They soon discover that a famous Christmas villain is the cause of all the past Christmas problems, including Grandma getting run over by a reindeer,” Asinger said of the tongue-in-cheek production. “Of course the ending is a very happy ending.”

Hannon Moore, an ELF Fund board member, said she was very pleased that Asinger agreed to take on the project as the program, which has used a variety of talent for the Senior Holiday Party, wanted to try something different.

“Kristin took it upon herself to write the script (and direct) and got several people in the program,” Hannon Moore noted. “I like to think that more people will enjoy it than just the senior citizens” thanks to the Playhouse staging.

“I’m excited about this and she is so enthusiastic about doing it,” she said. “I give Kristin a lot of credit for doing this.”

Asinger noted musical direction for the show is provided by John Kearns and Shelley Wright.

Cast members include Regan Dolan as Holly; Chelsea Place as Jolly; Sean Fox as Rudolph; Brian Mahaney as Santa; Jim MacFarlane as a famous Christmas villain; Sandy MacFarlane as Grandma; David Merwine as Grandpa; Rhonda Gray as the mother; Tim Asinger as the father; and Owen and Evan Troisi as the little drummer boys. Kearns will also serve as narrator.

“We also have several adults and children as wacky chorus members,” Asinger concluded.

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